Kaidro is a popular WebToon and printed manga, an exciting mech battle PvPvE arena game, and an animation project in development. Kaidro tells the story of Ava, a young woman in a post-apocalyptic world caught between technology and astral powers. She is a Source Kaidro on the brink of a great Void, threatening to transform her into a being of terrible destruction. This narrative delves into themes of found family, the interplay of science and mystery, and conspiratorial deceit at the pinnacle of government. Ultimately, it is a tale of growth versus stagnation, life amid entropy, and the hope of rebirth unfolding against the backdrop of high-powered mecha suits in a captivating fantasy-futurism environment, all while a war simmers between technology and spirituality.

The Comic

The Game

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The Animation


Kaidro: Clan Battles is an ARPG (action role-playing game) that introduces an innovative game mode, Bounty Hunt. Three teams, each with three players, compete against one another and a formidable interdimensional being from the Void. The objective for players is to pilot their customized mechs, strategically overpower the other teams, and eventually vanquish the Void Entity to secure victory and reap rewards. Players can employ their unique avatars to enrich their experience with the mechs, spirit guardians, and pilots.


A Kaidro Avatar is a digital representation of oneself within the virtual realm of the Kaidro Game. It acts as a visual manifestation of your individuality and personal flair. Picture your avatar endowed with remarkable traits: a warrior traversing a toxic desert as a mech pilot, battling to save the world from sinister entities of the Void. Your Kaidro Avatar is exclusive in the Kaidro Game. It is a masterpiece, meticulously designed with precision and artistic excellence. It’s distinguished from every other Avatar, ensuring it garners attention and ignites curiosity on the battlefield. And just as a tangible piece of art can have considerable value, so too does your Kaidro Avatar. Its distinctiveness and rarity render it a prized possession for collectors and devotees of the Kaidro universe. Its value can appreciate over time, offering its owner a sense of investment and potential financial returns. In essence, your Avatar is more than just a visual identity in Kaidro’s world. It embodies identity, exclusivity, value, and opportunity in the digital realm. Dominate the PvPvE battlefield in a way only you can.


The Kaidro animation, based on the hit online Webtoon with over 50M+ views and its printed manga adaptation, offers a window into the legendary universe of Kaidro. With epic action, breathtaking visuals, and a gripping narrative, the characters you meet along the way power through with an unyielding spirit. The Kaidro animation is being developed by creators Robert Simons and Peggy Chung, in collaboration with Tim Hedrick, the writer behind Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legends of Korra. The story unfolds on the planet Tal’jor, where major factions vie for limited resources. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the narrative explores the tension between those with astral powers and others who harness Spark Suit mech technology. The intrigue deepens as we follow the journey of a rare individual who has access to both realms.


See Kaidro’s exciting updates up ahead for the year 2023. From animation release, to clan updates, crate mints to game beta release.