Kaidro: Clan Battles is an isometric shooter with RPG elements, that expands on top of the hit comic series Kaidro: The Awakening. Choose a clan, engage in competitive multiplayer battles, and beware of rivals and sinister forces from the Void. Alpha release imminent!

Gain the Upper Hand

Swept up in the Bounty Hunter recruited by the elite Blackflynt Upper City, you are fighting to close fractures that are unleashing Void creatures and their unthinkable horrors into our world. As a Spark-Suit pilot also capable of wielding the powers of a demi-Kaidro, you are the target of many interested parties vying to win you for their cause. Whose side are you on?

Choose Your Clan

Align With Your Clan

Like a little neon in your life? Do you prefer to work in the shadows? Are you a survivor no matter what the terrain? Grimbone, Bubblegum Violence, Emerald Hand, and Freewrist see your potential. Join your clan.

Spirit Guardian Gif

Align With Your Spirit Guardian

Your allegiance to the Upper City has granted you a relic in return, connecting you with your very own Spirit Guardian. This ineffable entity is always watching out for you, while also granting to you astral abilities of stunning power.

Mech Gifs

Build Your Mech

Choosing from 3 different chassis for your Spark-Suit is the beginning of creating your unique playstyle. From a Light chassis deploying lightning hit and run tactics, to a Medium all round threat dictating the pace of play, to a heavy Spark-Suit as a bastion on the field. Building your Spark-Suit from various parts, abilities, and weapons is all leading to you making your mark on the battlefield, and the world.

Gun gifs


Completing your build with the perfect weapon will be setting you apart as an expert pilot. All designed and developed by The Unions of the Kaidro universe.

Kaidro NPCs

Befriend those in the kaidro world

Your choices and interactions with the characters of the world is a keystone bringing you closer to victory.

Become friends with our engineer father daughter team, Tank and Bella. Strike a deal with dealer, Jasper “Jazz” Calhoun, find whatever you need with underground trader, Ember, and more.